This one’s for the kids! Wednesday April 18, 2018

Join us for a good cause in this Boxing Ontario event in support of “at risk” youth.

  • Location: Arcadian Court 401 Bay Street, Simpson Tower, 8th Floor
  • When: Wednesday April 18, 2018
  • Doors Open 5:30 PM – Cocktail Reception with celebrity special guests
  • Black Tie (optional) Dinner 7:00 PM
  • Bouts begin at 8:30 PM – 7 bouts with 14 elite amateurs “open class”


The following is a description of last year’s event. If you attended last year, you know what a great night it was. We will announce the boxing lineup and special guests shortly. Expect this year to be bigger and better!


Proceeds to Spider Jones Believe to Achieve Foundation. Tax receipt will be issued. Special guests are boxing legends George Chuvalo and Razor Donovan Ruddock, the Trailer Park Boys, former Toronto Blue Jay great Kelly Gruber, Dragon’s Den star Mike Wekerle and other secret special guests.

This Years Matches
Title bout featuring Olympian Daniel Steingart


Dennis Steingart  165lbs  Sr  5bt  (St Catharines)


Daniel Deflorimonte 165lbs  Sr  0bt (Dewiths)


Bruno Deroches   141lb   Sr   13bt (ONTC) 


Stephen Ryan   138lb  Sr  30bt  (St Catharines)


Kylie Fallis   145lb  Sr  Open Fem (Steeltown) 


Carolyn Redmond  148lb  Sr Open Fem (TNT)


Cameron Hyde  156lb  Sr Open (Gideon)


Dan Ryan  158lb  Sr Open  (St Catharines)


Adrian Halford  144lb  Sr Open  (Atlas) 


Mathankan Iranjan 144lb  Sr Open  (Gideon)


Paul Ispas      142lb  Sr   Open  (Old School)


Bradley Wilcox   142lb  Sr  Open  (Steeltown)


Mathusan Mahindas   138lb  Sr  Open (Gideon)


Sheldon Wilcox   140lb  Sr  Open  (Steeltown)


Mandy Bujold   119lb  Sr  Open Fem  (Atlas)


Jessica Burgess  118lb  Sr  Open Fem (ONTC)


Last Years Matches Matches

1. Shane Tremblay 128lbs open 15yrs vs. Thomas Foster 130lbs open 15yrs
2. Khol Adams 147lbs open sr vs. Devin Sanford 143lbs open sr
3. Ryan Robinson 165lbs 15bts open sr vs. Colten Grant-Hose 168lbs 11bts open sr
4. Sarah Gheisari 136lbs 6bts sr vs. Brittany Borja 140lbs 6bts Sr (Ont Vs Ont)
5. Dan Ryan 143lbs open 17yrs vs. Wyatt Sanford 143lbs open 17yrs
6. Mark Smithers 145lbs open sr vs. Brandon Leaman 145lbs open sr
7. Bares Shakouri 148lbs 20bts sr vs. Jonathan Sinclair 145lbs 11bts sr
8. Bonnie Cook 143lbs open sr vs. Stephanie Walker 139lbs open sr

Engage, Believe, Achieve & Succeed

Believe to Achieve Spider Jones runs his Chalkfarm area after-school drop in centre called “Spider’s Web” and spend time with kids, take them to camps and transform lives through love and caring. For those kids who need a physical outlet, Spider provides boxing and teaches it too!

Believe To Achieve is a registered non-profit foundation with a mission to inspire “at risk” kids, students and troubled teens to remain in school and make achievement dreams reality.

Believe to Achieve’s mission and methods are simple: we engage “at-risk” kids, youth, and troubled teens in face-to-face groups, workshops and youth counselling sessions with their peers.